Kind words from clients…

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the idea of including testimonials on my sites.

Since I primarily work with marketers, I’m well aware of the value of testimonials. In fact, it’s rare I do any type of direct market design project without including some. But for my own site, there’s always still that little part of me that thinks, “Don’t go around tooting your own horn!”

The truth is, most of my new business comes through word-of-mouth from existing clients. In fact, I’ve had some clients who, I later found, have never even visited this site prior to hiring me (or after for that matter), such was the power of a kind word spoken on my behalf. Quite humbling to say the least.

Thank YouI’m very fortunate not only to receive continual work from my clients – which are testimonials in themselves – but also to enjoy great working relationships with them. Life’s too short to have tense working relationships with clients. (And clients don’t get any thrill out of it either.) So part of my mission beyond delivering a project is to be easy to work with.

Because of these long-term relationships, I’ve developed a great deal of respect for my clients and colleagues beyond their obvious business skills…they also happen to be extremely nice people. And the fact that they’d take time out of their busy schedules to write a short testimonial on my behalf is, again, humbling.

Comments from Design/Consulting Clients:

We do a good bit of direct response, but find most advisors are all about ‘pretty’ and not ‘results’.  Mike, your input was dead-on. We happily adjusted our copy and graphics according to your advice, ending up with a piece that looked and performed fantastically. Plus, you were fun to work with. Looking forward to our next project!
Adams Hudson – President, Hudson Ink

Everything in our project with you went great. We really enjoyed how easy it was to complete our Magalog. You picked up on our thinking right away, which is often rare.  Usually we spend most of our time trying to get people into our mindset, but you picked up on it right away. Easy revisions.  Excellent communication.
Jeramy Jennings – Solutions From Science

Without a doubt, dependable, thorough and precise in his work is an understatement. He is proud of the work that he performs and he has every right to be. I have had the distinct pleasure of working on many a project with him in the past and would do so again without hesitation. The selfless contributions that he has given to his community, the way he conducts his business is something all the rest of us should learn from. It is my honor to be considered a colleague of Mike’s.
Stephanie Broome – Stargate Technologies, Inc.

I highly recommend Mike Klassen to anyone needing his design services. He is very adept at working with design pieces that have very particular print specifications. I found him to be extremely professional and very responsive whenever I had any questions. He worked very quickly and was very thorough with the all the details.
Cecile Nguyen – Online Marketing Product Manager, StreetAuthority

You’ve been so easy to work with. I appreciate your attention to detail, friendly exchange, and willingness to work with creative solutions to the little hiccups that come now and then. And our project turned out very well.
Bonnie Caton – Writer, Editorial Manager, AWAI Travel Division

Mike Klassen is a seasoned professional that I have had the pleasure to work with on several occasions. He is one of the rare gems in the industry that combines incredible talent with a great personality and a solid work ethic. He’s a go-giver that consistently looks for ways to create new opportunities for himself, his clients and his colleagues. He’s an asset to any team or project he works on. It is for these reasons that I recently sought Mike out to work on a new venture with me — and I look forward to seeing how this collaboration will take the project to the next level.
Traci Hayner Vanover – Owner, The Creative Concept, Inc.

Whenever I send a project to [Mike], I can relax because I know it is in his hands and it will come out right and timely. Every project he has handled for us has been a success to our subscribers and outside files. He is our graphics go-to guy.
Eva Janzen – Marketing Director, Wellness Research Foundation, Al Sears MD, Primal Force

In this complicated business of internet marketing there are many facets and services which are absolute necessities in order to achieve success. I have learned very quickly to depend on those who are true craftsmen in what they do. I have a terrific copywriter in Eileen Coale, who, in turn, recommended [Mike] for all my brochure and sell sheet designs and layouts. I was astounded at how quickly Mike grasped what I needed. He is easy to work with and very reasonable. Being a former copywriter himself, Mike understands like nobody else how copy and design are integrated. His services have been invaluable to me. I trust his opinion without reservation.
Dave Copeland – President & Founder, AppleBoost Products

Thanks Mike – as always, it’s a pleasure working with you – I always know my job is going to go smooth when you are on the project. The designs are clear, crisp and exactly what my audience responds to. It seems you study my prospects as much as my copywriters!
Helen Buttery – Director, New Product Development, AWAI.

“As always, you were a wealth of information. Looking forward to your ongoing contributions!”
Steve Blount – President & COO, Kingstone Media Group

Mike Klassen does exceptional graphic work. He delivered the project on time and was quite patient with working with the vision I had in mind for my e-book. In addition, he also has a great eye as to what will catch the prospect’s attention. I will definitely use his services again!”
Peter Fogel – Copywriter, Marketer, Author,

Comments from Speaking Events:

“My name’s Dale Beaumont and I’m the owner of a business education company in Australia called Business Blueprint. In July last year a client told me about a marketing tool called a Magalog and after further research I came across Mike. After downloading his materials and receiving immense value I decided to make contact. From there, I invited Mike to participate in a webinar to educate my clients across Australia. It was a big ask considering Mike needed to dial in from 2am – 3am in the morning. Thankfully, things ran smoothly and the webinar and our clients loved the content Mike had to share.

From there, I took the bold step of inviting Mike to come to Australia to speak at our Business Blueprint Conference in Sydney. I was delighted he said yes and once here, Mike turned out to be a fantastic addition to our conference. His presentation was a stand-out among our delegates. His content was well thought-out and he provided lots of examples and tips on how those listening could take immediate action on the points he had to share. What else I loved about Mike was the fact that he was extremely approachable and our members enjoyed lots of face-time with Mike as he helped them through various issues relating to Marketing and building their personal and business brand.

Again, we’d like to say a huge thank you to Mike for making the trip down under. We’d welcome him back anytime and would highly encourage any organisation to engage Mike wherever in the world they may happen to be.”

Dale Beaumont
Author of 16 Best Selling Books
Founder and CEO of Business Blueprint

Wow, what an information packed evening this was. Thank you Mike for sharing the wealth of knowledge so concisely. I now feel inspired to do a lot more content sharing on the net. Thanks Karen and Amanda for putting together such an amazing event!
Lynne Brisdon

Mike made a fantastic presentation, clearly outlining the ways to use social media to steer people to your web site. I’ll definitely be using what I learned. I recommend Mike’s presentation to anyone who’s trying to grow their business.
Joe Shahan

Mike Klassen is really a great speaker which made learning many new blogging techniques and information on social media easy to absorb! Thank you for bringing this presentation to the meet-up!
Janice O’Rourke

HEY that meeting last night was GGGGGRRRRRREAT!!! Everyone who missed that one really blew it.
Chuck Jessup

This was an exiting meeting. I learned about blogging, twitter, linked-in, and other aspects of social media and how they can help a person grow their business. I met many interesting and exited people. I had great conversations with people here about their businesses. Mike Klassen was a good speaker and he provided this informative presentation on social media. I highly reccomend the entrepreneurship meetup group and Mike Klassen as an information resource.
Kyler Boyes

Great presentation last night – your insight on keywords and unique content was fantastic!
Luke Bennecker

Mike Klassen is a great, reliable and authentic guy. I also learned a lot of useful and interesting ideas from the presentation he gave to the Bellingham Entrepreneur Meetup Group.
Marylin Flores

I enjoyed the meeting this week focused on the art of marketing! I am excited to see the future appointments of this group! I loved the meeting this week and enjoyed the information that I took away from it and have now started a few new things that have helped my business. Thanks for hosting. In the future I would love to see more material like this week’s past meeting.
Corenia Murphy

I really enjoyed his talk…very inspiring with lots of great ideas.
Jane Cappelletti

Good, relevant topic and information presented in a fun, relaxing way which aids in retention of so much information.
Sheila Gazlay

If this is the type of feedback you’d like to hear from your group, or the type of person you’d like working with you on your direct market layout projects, please contact me today so I can put my skills and experience to work for you.