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Increase Sales BookIncrease Sales & Build Deeper Connections: Maximizing Your Content to Boost Sales and Generate Better-Quality Leads explains what a magalog is and why it’s such a valuable marketing tool.

But I also talk about the value of content for your overall marketing efforts. I’ll show you 21 different free or inexpensive channels to repurpose your content so it’s attracting quality prospects 24/7.

At 135 pages, this isn’t just a few morsels of information. It’s a lot of helpful content.



If you have trouble coming up with at least one idea, I hope you’ll contact me so we can talk specifically about your needs and challenges.

When I speak to groups or individuals about content marketing, one of the biggest obstacles they ask me about is how to come up with content on a consistent basis.

This free guide – Great Ideas for Generating Great Content – has a few tips to get you started.

You can click on that link to open the PDF to a new browser window. Or you can right-click on the link to download it to your computer.

In this guide, I’ll also share a story about a seemingly non-significant event that turned into a great article. What I hope you’ll learn from that example is how much great content exists in your everyday life.

It’s really not as hard to come up with topics as you might think.



With a radio background, I couldn’t resist starting a podcast. While I no longer produce the podcast, the information is still valuable and usable today.

The goal of the podcast is in the title… I want to help you increase sales and build deeper connections with your clients and prospects.



If you’re still scratching your head about whether content marketing is really worthwhile, this guide is for you.

Any marketing task you take on is going to require time. Obviously you want to be sure that your time – and resources – are well-spent.

As someone who relies heavily on content marketing, I’ve experienced all the benefits I talk about in this guide. If there were no benefits, I wouldn’t waste my time with it and I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone else.

But that’s not the case. So I created Benefits of Content Marketing to explain what I think are nine important benefits.

After reading this guide, you’ll have a much better idea whether or not these benefits are important at this stage in your business.



This PDF contains one of the most popular articles I’ve written. It really resonates with people who are questioning the value of being connected in social media when it seems they don’t really know anyone on a deep level.

Here’s a great question to ask yourself: If your social media tools disappeared tomorrow, how many of the people you’re now connected to would you try to connect with again on the next tool that comes along?

Frankly, most of us wouldn’t be able to name all our connections with the exception of some core people we interact with on a regular basis. In other words, most of these connections aren’t ones we’ve ever bothered to add to our personal address books because we don’t know them well enough or even care if we stay connected.

We can do better! And that’s what this quick guide, Here’s a Novel Idea: Connect With Your Connections, is all about.

Please don’t download and read this guide unless you’re ready to possibly step outside your comfort zone.



Despite how embarrassing it is to admit, when I speak to groups about content marketing, I share the story of my first networking event. It’s in this guide and it was a major blunder.

I quickly learned to do better… much better, in fact. But I’ve seen some odd things at networking events by other people who also tripped themselves up.

What I offer in 12 Steps for Networking Event Success is precisely that: 12 steps to help you leverage networking events so you’re not just there wasting time with nothing to show for it.

I’ve also included one of the best networking tips I’ve ever heard from a master networker, Dr. Ivan Misner of BNI. His advice is about knowing whom to approach in a room full of people you don’t know. Oh how I wish I had know this when I started attending networking events.

Finally, I share the true story of a guy I met at a Chamber of Commerce networking event. He wins the award for Worst Networker. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny. It’s a cautionary tale about expectations when you attend networking events.



As you’re probably aware, people have preferred ways to take in new information. And in this incredibly mobile society, there’s not always time to sit down and read.

That’s just two reasons why podcasting is a great way to repurpose existing content and reach out to a new audience that might not be as receptive to print material.

10 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Podcast is a short guide outlining the benefits of podcasting for your business.

Podcasting is also the topic of episode 4 of the Increase Sales & Build Deeper Connections Podcast where I talk with The Podcast Guy, Dave Thackeray. He has tips to get you started out on the right foot.



For any number of reasons, businesses can’t always hire a professional to do the layout of their marketing material.

While a thorough course in direct market layout isn’t possible in a simple PDF, I do want to give you some quick tips if you’re stuck in the position of having to do your own marketing material layout.

6 Design Tips To Save Your DIY Marketing Material From Disaster covers some basic steps you can take to give yourself a better chance to make a great first impression.

In some cases with clients who came to me with drafts of their material, these tips did save them from a marketing disaster that could have affected their revenue.

I know it sounds self-serving, but whenever possible, hire a professional if you know you (or members of your team) don’t have the proper skill-set. However, when you have do it on your own, keep these tips handy.