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The Magalog Guy in Australia

I love sharing what I know to help other businesses. It's not only a part of who I am, but it's in recognition of all the people who helped me when I was launching my business.

While I most often provide this help on my blog or with phone consultations, there's nothing like working with people face to face.

I just had the chance to speak in-person to a group of about 100 incredibly motivated and friendly entreprenuers... in Australia.

The story of how this speaking opportunity in another country came up is a pretty great story in itself, but a bit too long to go into here. In a nutshell, the trip came about because of content marketing and making a personal connection with someone. And, as it turns out, my presentation in Australia tackled those two topics which go hand-in-hand: making a personal connection through content marketing.

I was one of a number of speakers at Dale Beaumont's quarterly Business Blueprint conferences in the Sydney area. I was a guest of Dale's on a magalog marketing webinar last year. But an invitation to speak directly to his group in-person was too good to pass up.

So my family arranged a vacation around their April conference, and I spent two of the days immersed with a wonderful group of people, all dedicated to taking their businesses to new levels. It was truly difficult to come back home after being in that environment.

Mike speaking in Australia

If I lived in Australia, I would immediately join Dale's Business Blueprint group. It wasn't any of that fluffy, touchy-feely stuff. It was solid strategies and a mission to give attendees - many of whom attend each quarterly session - an actionable plan for their businesses.

My main talk was content marketing, not just explaining what it is and why it's important, but giving them 21 different channels to spread their content so it's working harder for them and attracting better-quality prospects.

The talk is called Extending Your Virtual Handshake and I love to present it to people. Judging by the response and the number of times I was pulled aside to answer questions, people are hungry to know more and develop a plan of attack.

Extending Your Virtual Handshake

Speaking of a plan of attack, that was the focus of a full day in which each speaker hosted small groups covering a variety of topics that fell within their areas of expertise. I covered magalog marketing, ideas for developing content, and I critiqued marketing material.

I had an incredible amount of fun that day. I love being able to really focus on an individual's business and help them develop specific action plans and ideas. In many cases, you could see the exact moment when a concept clicked or when they started coming up with a bunch of new ideas. It's very rewarding to be a part of that.

Of course, I couldn't travel all that way (from Washington State) and not be a tourist with the rest of the family.

Here I am trying to explain content marketing to a clearly disinterested koala:

Mike and a koala

I found Australian wildlife is more receptive to content marketing concepts if you bribe them with food:

Mike and kangaroos

Yes... food is the ticket:

Mike and a cockatoo

I want to say a big thanks to Dale, his wife Katherine, and the Business Blueprint team who made the visit to Australia so enjoyable and memorable, not only for me at the conference, but for my whole family during our visit. We truly did feel sad that we had to leave.

I also want to thank Dale (pictured with me below) for his kind words following the conference:

Mike and Dale Beaumont"In July last year a client told me about a marketing tool called a Magalog and after further research I came across Mike. After downloading his materials and receiving immense value I decided to make contact.

I invited Mike to participate in a webinar to educate my clients across Australia. It was a big ask considering Mike needed to dial in from 2am - 3am in the morning. Thankfully, things ran smoothly and the webinar and our clients loved the content Mike had to share.

From there, I took the bold step of inviting Mike to come to Australia to speak at our Business Blueprint Conference in Sydney. I was delighted he said yes and once here, Mike turned out to be a fantastic addition to our conference.

His presentation was a stand-out among our delegates. His content was well thought-out and he provided lots of examples and tips on how those listening could take immediate action on the points he had to share.

What else I loved about Mike was the fact that he was extremely approachable and our members enjoyed lots of face-time with Mike as he helped them through various issues relating to Marketing and building their personal and business brand.

Again, we'd like to say a huge thank you to Mike for making the trip down under. We'd welcome him back anytime and would highly encourage any organisation to engage Mike wherever in the world they may happen to be."

Dale Beaumont
Author of 16 Best Selling Books
Founder and CEO of Business Blueprint

So, will you allow me to help your group reach new levels of success? I speak to groups about content marketing and magalog marketing, both in-person and through tele-conferences and webinars.

My goal isn't to just speak and run. It's to dig in and really help people get from point A to B. Another goal is to make you look good. As a conference organizer in charge of arranging speakers, it's your reputation on the line just as much as mine if not more-so. I pride myself on being approachable and not shying away from face-time as Dale mentioned.

If you're committed to helping your group achieve their full potential in business, contact me today so we can explore how we can work together to reach that goal.

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