A Blogging Break Can Be a Good Thing

On April 9, 2012, I announced on the old version of this blog that I was taking a break.

frankensteinThis website, which I had originally done in HTML as a single-page site, had grown into Frankenstein’s monster. Pages were slapped on as needed, which was a real pain since I had to manually change the navigation on each and every page. And the blog portion was a non-integrated WordPress setup.

I knew the site needed updating and announced that I would take a break from blogging until after the new site was done, hopefully in the summer of 2012.

Well, here’s the first article of the new site and it’s the beginning of 2013. So much for that “summer of 2012” idea. In truth, I didn’t even get to redoing this whole website until the final days of 2012 when I cleared my schedule of all other projects.

And you know what? The break from blogging was fantastic!

I’ve always stressed that blogging is a great idea. I still believe that. 100%!

I’ve also said that, when starting out, you need to be consistent with posting articles. I still believe that. 100%!

But having blogged since 2006, I had a lot of material that was still drawing in readers. That’s one of the great things about blog articles… something you wrote years ago could be just as valid today when someone is searching on something you wrote about.

So a blogging break wasn’t going to be a tremendous knock on traffic to my site.

Now, it wasn’t like I was just sitting around most of last year not creating content. For example, in 2012, I did a 23-part podcast series on sharing and repurposing content.

That was a series that I did on the old blog. But in the true spirit of repurposing content, I turned the written information into audio information for a different audience.

Here’s a PDF that has links to each episode in the series if you’re not already a subscriber to the Increase Sales & Build Deeper Connections podcast on iTunes.

I do think blogging is important. It adds content to your site that attracts more people to you. As I’ve said before, your sales pitch on your site may be good, but not good enough to keep people coming back on a regular basis just to read it again.

New blog articles give people a reason to keep coming back.

Having said that, you never want to become a slave to your content marketing efforts, including blogging. In a sense, I felt I had become a slave to the weekly blogging routine. My break was good, and I’m happy with the approach I’ll be taking to it in the new year.

If you’ve come over from the old blog, it’s nice to be with you again. Have a great 2013!

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