People don’t accidentally land on magalog sites…

So you’re probably looking for accurate and trustworthy information about using magalogs, slim jims, or bookalogs to boost sales.

You’ve come to the right place.

Increase Sales BookIf you don’t know anything about magalogs, I’d urge you to download  my book, Increase Sales & Build Deeper Connections.

This book covers two areas. The first is content marketing, specifically sharing and repurposing content. I’ll tell you about over 20 channels where you can share or repurpose your content, often for free.

The second area is magalog marketing. This ties in with the content discussion because without great content, your magalog will fail.

There is no other source I’m aware of that covers magalogs this indepth.

You can also get an overview of magalogs, slim jims, bookalogs and issuelogs in the Magalogs 101 section of this site. You’ll also find links to view my free magalog webinar.

If you’re already experienced with magalogs, you may just be looking for someone to handle your layout.

If that’s the case, please visit my About page. I truly believe that we need to be a good fit for each other. This page will help you know me better and how I go about my work. You might also be interested in the kind words from my clients.

The best way to get your specific questions answered and see if there’s a reason for us to be working together is to talk on the phone, or Skype if you’re in another country as some of my clients are.

I know… talking on the phone… crazy idea in these days of social media, right? But it’s the fastest route to getting things done when we’re seeing if there’s a good fit.

As a direct market designer who specializes in magalogs, slim jims, and bookalogs, as well as other direct marketing material including books, sales letters and training material, I know that timing is important.

This isn’t about me and my layout skills. It’s about boosting your sales performance. It’s about you reaching your audience with a compelling message. It’s about you standing out from your competitors. It’s about you making money.

That’s what direct market – or direct response – layout and design is all about.

I don’t do the hard sales pitch where I badger you over the phone to get you to commit to something you’re not ready for. The free call that I offer is is intended for two things. First, to get you the answers you need. Second, to see if we’re a good fit if we decide to work together.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mike Klassen